Moon, 66 Questions

Moon, 66 Questions

The feature debut of Greek filmmaker Jacqueline Lentzou confirms the bold formal experimentation and naked emotional interiority promised by her acclaimed shorts such as The End of Suffering (A Proposal). Sofia Kokkali—the star of Lentzou’s previous two works—brings her remarkable physicality to the role of Artemis, a twentysomething who tentatively reunites with her estranged father, Paris (Lazaros Georgakopoulos), after he is diagnosed with a debilitating illness. Instead of traversing familiar dramatic terrain with standard psychological realism, Lentzou relies largely on body movement, texture, and the flow of feeling to animate her tale of intergenerational reconciliation. A Film Movement release.

Playing on May 4 at 3:45pm and May 7 at 9pm at Film at Lincoln Center.

Playing virtually nationwide from 5/6- 5/11 in our Virtual Cinema!

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