Spotlight ★★★★½

Wow. This was messed up. Spotlight tells what could’ve easily been just another Oscar Bait story, in a compelling, gripping and captivating way the hooks the viewer and leaves you wishing it was even longer. I wouldn’t have been bothered by an extra hour. It just works so well in many ways. I loved how no-nonsense it was, just right to the point and no B.S. which is exactly what a story like this needs. It can be a little hard to follow at times though. Some plot points weren’t clear by the end too. But this doesn’t eliminate all of its glory. It feels addictive and powerful, and I would kill to know more. The directing was very well done, and the score was perfect, surprising to hear it wasn’t nominated. It’s so shocking to see that there are so many men who use their religious power as an excuse to hurt and molest all these poor and innocent children. How is that something God would forgive them for? How can the church, that should support its followers and teach its believers about love, and peace, do such things and abuse of their power. That’s probably even scarier than the molestation itself, because you can’t even trust what you thought you could believe in. I really appreciate that they didn’t make the reporters look like these godlike figures, but just what they were, a group of passionate journalists that had to tell this devastating story how it’s supposed to be told, and reveal the truth of such vile acts, and how they were covering this up. It uses its very well chosen cast as a perfect way of elevating the film. Easily one of McAdams’ and Ruffalo’s finest works. Michael Keaton and Liev Schreiber were fantastic too. Tucci and Slattery were also great, and I would’ve liked for them to have more time to shine. I also really appreciated how they stood on neutral ground. They didn’t use a “the church brainwashes us and is only bad, everyone in the church is a pedophile” approach, and instead stuck to the facts and told the story how it is. Is it 2015’s Best Picture? I’m not sure. I have only seen about half of the other nominees, and for now, I’ll say it’s up there with Room and Fury Road as one of the strongest ones.

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