Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

The last/latest of the 'Before' trilogy from Richard Linklater is definitely the best of the three. Full of rich emotion, realistic arguments and dialogue and two beautiful screen performance from Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. What makes this one so special is just how far the characters have come, and the ways in which the discuss and deal with their situations/decisions.

7-9 years onwards, we can see that Jessie and Celine's lives have become more complicated, which adds up for excellent realism for the entirety of the film. Like the previous films we get more of the theories of love, gender debates, but now we get a far deeper, more enriched character development and story. Accompanied by a pleasant and heartfelt soundtrack, the struggles and arguments of Jessie and Celine are evoking and involving as we consider everything in their situation, how we have gotten to know the characters from the previous films, and the mixed feelings they are going through. The three films are wonderfully thought-provoking and beautifully crafted with character and concept.

I also loved how beautifully shot the film was. From the hotel, the scene with the sun going down and some of the later scenes. There is a very life-full environment to it all.

All three of the 'Before' films definitely stand out to be some of the finest romance films you can find. Hawke and Delpy win your heart (and mind) as we dive back into their lives. It is drenched with character development and some of the best of any romance films. 'Before Midnight' is a must-see (but make sure you see the other two!) and the best 2013 release I have seen thus far.

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