Kuroneko ★★★★

Asian Film Marathon 9#

Never follow a woman in a kimono at night...you might regret it. Kuroneko works as a companion piece to Kaneto Shindo's other renown film Onibaba. It is a Japanese ghost story inspired by folktale of the cat in the bamboo grove. After some samurai rape, murder and burn down the homes of a mother and daughter-in-law, their spirits return to seek revenge.

It is simple as that, but worked very effectively. Shindo's gorgeously shot film will certainly have you in suspense thanks to the great lighting and atmosphere it produces. With most of the film being set at night, he sets the supernatural tone to transport the audience into this world of ghosts.

Shindo also uses music effectively, which adds to the often chilling atmosphere it produces. Like with Onibaba, he uses somewhat Japanese traditional music, and it creates a rhythm to this film during some scenes. With this, the mise-en-scene and the general suspense through the editing and camera work, Kuroneko is one of the finest horror Japanese horror film.


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