Out 1

Out 1

France is a mystical, magical place where every girl has red hair, and every guy looks like Nico.

It's a slog. It can be boring. Many of the characters are completely swamped and suffering in unproductive deconstructionism (very French, oui?) But it's really worth watching. It (sort of) draws you in, in it's weird way.

The reuniting of Thomas and Lilli is a Great Cinematic Moment (TM) and it cannot be said otherwise. A great moment of the Nouvelle Vague. Maybe a defining moment of Rivette, but I'll have to actually watch his films to say that. We don't quite understand where they've been, and we don't exactly know where they're going, really we don't fully comprehend anything going on. But we know it's something. We've been around long enough to feel, even if we're not part of the group.

"That young man is a visionary."

"Prometheus made me...and the real 13, for me, it's Prometheus in a way. He's the symbol of the 13. It's the way for us to commit without knowing the ultimate end or goal."

Such an amazing last shot, such a challenging last shot. Marie, the beautiful thing, is still looking for Renaud.