Whose nutsack is this. We’ve found a lone nutsack in the shopping aisle and we’re wondering whose it is

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  • The Incredibles
  • Evil Dead II
  • First Reformed
  • Throne of Blood

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  • Jennifer's Body

  • Jerry's

  • Remembrance: A Portrait Study

  • No One Will Save You

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  • Jennifer's Body

    Jennifer's Body

    Kusama directs the hell out of this, dear god. Had I known this was more Raimi than Derrickson I would’ve tuned in much earlier - the movie looks really excellent. The script can get a little confused at times but gosh, there is such a strong pull and a refreshingly earnest quality that still plays with an satirical edge even 15 or so years after release. Wonderful picture. Should’ve watched in October.

  • Ellen on the Rope

    Ellen on the Rope

    Wheee fun rope

Popular reviews

  • Untitled Gladiator Sequel

    Untitled Gladiator Sequel

    Why is the poster an MF DOOM mask

    EDIT FROM TWO YEARS LATER: this doesn't make any sense anymore but the preview poster used to be an MF DOOM mask. Nerds in the comments said it was some roman mask thing I don't really care

  • West Side Story

    West Side Story

    just realized this was happening because of How to With John Wilson. Neat?