Film Movement Acquires New Restorations of Kinji Fukasaku's WOLVES, PIGS AND MEN and VIOLENT PANIC: THE BIG CRASH

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Film Movement is pleased to announce its acquisition of Kinji Fukasaku's breakthrough crime masterpiece WOLVES, PIGS AND MEN and his raw and stylish action-crime caper VIOLENT PANIC: THE BIG CRASH.

Presented in new 2k restorations, WOLVES, PIGS AND MEN proved a harbinger of Fukasaku's yakuza classics to come and recalls both the French new wave and film noir at their most original, gritty and mean-spirited; VIOLENT PANIC: THE BIG CRASH combines all of Fukasaku's action-crime trademarks with the chaotic mayhem of the best 70's car chase movies for a gleefully nihilistic joyride not to be missed.

Both films will receive a limited theatrical release before premiering on Blu-ray and Digital in North America.

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