Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

Emotionally stirring, immensely well-acted, beautifully directed, and deeply heartfelt, Call Me by Your Name is without a doubt the best romance drama of 2017. This is a remarkably well-directed and emotionally poetic story of two individuals and the bond that progressively grows between them through these powerful conversations. The dialogue in this movie is extremely riveting, realistic, honest, and natural. None of it feels forced nor inauthentic. Call Me by Your Name has such a richly written screenplay. The journey with Elio and Oliver over the course of the summer in Italy is profoundly engrossing to watch, even if nothing big or dramatic ever occurs. What I found to be more important were the conversations between shared them and the growth of their bond from the beginning to the end. I honestly couldn't get enough of it. Personally, I wouldn't have mind another ten minutes of the movie. That's how incredibly invested I was with this movie. The performances are absolutely fantastic. Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer have amazingly palpable chemistry together and the connection they share is sincerely beautiful. Not to mention, Michael Stuhlbarg as Elio's father deserves equal amount of recognition as well. There's a scene towards the end where he's speaking to Elio that I found to be one of the most emotionally honest scenes I've experience in awhile. Directing wise, everything's gorgeous. The whole scenery of Italy is captured so immaculately that I just want to jump on a plane immediately. The soundtrack is outstanding as well. Specifically, the song "Mystery of Love" hits me quite heavily. Overall, anchored by captivating dialogue, an emotionally truthful story, compelling characters, and impeccable cinematography, Call Me by Your Name more than deserves all the praise it gets. I wouldn't mind a sequel actually. I could easily see this being in the same vein as The Before Trilogy.

My Grade: A+

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