Dial M for Murder

Dial M for Murder ★★★★½

To call Alfred Hitchcock a masterful genius of immensely intricate, satisfyingly unpredictable, and consistently engaging storytelling would be a severe understatement. The quality of high cinematic art that Hitchcock left behind with his legacy would be considered the closest to cinematic storyelling heaven one could ever possibly achieve. With everyone of his films, especially the murder mysteries, Hitchcock knew exactly how to keep the audience on the edge of their seats from start to finish, while cleverly setting up a plot that almost felt like a puzzle piece to solve. Dial M for Murder contains alot of those Hitchcock trademarks, delivering a resoundingly engrossing mystery thriller with excellent performances, well-fined direction, beautifully layered motifs, and well-rounded cinematography. Dial M for Murder is a film that grabs your attention simply with the dialogue exhange between characters alone. The story revolves around a professional tennis player who hires and blackmails a former college associate of his to murder his wife, after he discovers she's having an affair with him. Hitchcock always knew how to deliver the best murder-mystery thrillers that provoke so much suspense and intrigue. Just the way he sets up the murder plot here is pure brilliance. He layers each scene with the smallest details that require your full attention. This is definitely one of those movies you'll need to watch again to pick up on the smartly hidden clues that you may have missed at first. The performances are really great with Ray Milland giving an entertainingly deceiving performance as the husband. He revels in this role with every moment he gets and just looking at his mannerisms alone in how he concocts the plot is seriously unsettling. Watching the police and everyone trying to solve this case is nothing short of gripping and constantly involving your mind to fit each piece together. While we already know what happens, it's really fun watching the police themselves making everything fit logically. If I had any issues, it would be that there are moments that require some suspension of disbelief. Also, I find the character of Hallidy to be a bit too obvious and I don't buy into the fact he can solve the plot quickly based off of his writing experiences. Nonetheless, Dial M for Murder is another Hitchcock classic that you all must-watch! If you love stuff like Gone Girl, this is right up your alley!

My Rating: 9/10