Eternals ★★★★

While it doesn't always succeed at its loftier goes, Eternals is nonetheless a visually enthralling and creatively refreshing palate cleanser from the typical MCU fare. Initially, I honestly wasn't very interested in an Eternals. It wasn't until I hear Chloe Zhao's name attached that I begin to have my interest piqued. Having giving us Nomadland and The Rider, Zhao taking on a big project on this scale is definitely something that I couldn't miss. That said, the reviews and all that stuff really turned me off from watching the film when it first came out. Now having finally watched it, I can personally say that it is nowhere near as bad as I was fearing. To be honest, I found Eternals to be a pretty good watch. It's flawed to the brim, yet it's admirably more existential than any other MCU before it. With such relatively unknown material to work off, even for a Marvel property, I think Chloe Zhao did her best here with trying to create a humanely and emotionally resonating story with some of the best visual imagery that's too good for a MCU flick. Zhao's style certainly gets to shine on-screen, which is a rare thing considering the MCU's tight grip on its directors' creative freedoms. Admittedly, alot of characters here needed more time for development and backstory. Some characters are interesting, while others are relegated to being afterthoughts. I did find the whole mythology of the Eternals to be intriguing as the film went on and it's something I'm absolutely down for seeing explored more in a future film. Performance wise, the main highlights for me are Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, and Kumail Nanjiani, while the rest of the cast does their best with the material they're given. The cinematography is far more pleasing and stirring than a MCU film has any right to be, while it's awesome seeing Ramin Djawadi returning to score a Marvel since the first Iron Man. It makes for a fitting introduction into the next era of the MCU. Some of the dialogue can be rough, the narrative is often disjointed, and the Deviants were sadly mishandled. That said, Eternals for me was a solid movie that's been unfairly maligned. I'm hoping we get a sequel that will improve on this one because I see the potential for something unique and special. Different doesn't always equal brilliance though.

My Rating: 8/10

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