Naked ★★★★½

Led by an impressive breakthrough performance from David Thewlis, a thematically dense screenplay, and masterfully raw direction, Naked is an extraordinary piece of British cinema from the maestro, Mike Leigh. One simply cannot study British cinema without ever recognizing the immensely bold works by Mike Leigh. 1993's Naked is an especially essential recommendation for those who are really into dark, elusive, and uncensored character studies with a deeply complicated protagonist. This is an absolutely remarkable and audacious film filled with darkly tongue-in-cheek humor and powerfully unflinching imagery involving sex and so forth. The film centers on Johnny, a social drifter with a highly intellectual mindset and a complete distaste for the mundane aspects of life and the world of filth around him. He's verbally unfiltered, sexually aggressive, and emotionally aloof with many of the other unique individuals he encounters throughout the movie. David Thewlis's performance here cannot be praised enough. This is the performance that gained him greater international acclaim and rightfully so. Just the way he delivers the dialogue in many scenes is insanely captivating to watch. The character of Johnny is a very fascinating one to study. He's condescending at many times and his relationships with several women in the film are sometimes hard to watch. Alot of praise is definitely warranted to the performances by Lesley Sharp, Katrin Cartlidge, and Claire Skinner. My favorite exchange of dialogue in the film is in the scenes involving Johnny and the security guard, where they argue over the future and existential mysteries. It's so hilariously sharp. Mike Leigh was ballsy in showing some of the darker underbelly portions of London and the more grimy parts of the city. Naked is full of scenes that can be tough to swallow, but damn does Mike Leigh make them so engrossing to experience. The camerawork here and the cinematography are surely praiseworthy. Leigh effectively captures the nightime of London crawling with complex and struggling people like Johnny and those he encounters through his odyssey. Andrew Dickson's score as well is another highlight. Overall, Naked is definitely a must-watch! Easily worthy of a blind-buy.

My Rating: 9.5/10