The Apartment ★★★★½

Ah, you simply can't go wrong with a Billy Wilder romantic comedy classic, especially the highly revered gem that is The Apartment. Led by two terrifically entertaining performances, well-rounded comedy, and a sharply-written screenplay, The Apartment is an absolute timeless classic that fans of romantic comedies will undeniably really enjoy. Wilder has given us many unforgettable features, and of course this film is one of them. From Jack Lemmon's performance to the incredible chemistry between him and Shirley MacLaine to the direction, everything about The Apartment more than lives up to its critically praised reputation. The story centers on an insurance clerk who allows his higher-ups to use his apartment for their affairs, which in turn they increase his chances of a promotion. His immediate boss ends up taking home the elevator operator that he is fond of, played by MacLaine, and from there the plot ensues. Firstly, the performances are all-across the board fantastic, especially Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine. Lemmon is so hilariously entertaining as the hapless Baxter, who's at times way too nice to say no to his bosses. Of course, by the end of the film, we see this character learn to stand up for himself and no longer allow the higher-ups to step all over him. His chemistry with MacLaine is just too palpable to deny. The Apartment is consistently funny, with Lemmon being the biggest factor of all the laughs and alot of the humor is also very situational. None of it feels forced or contrived. In addition, the film explores themes of suicide and self-destruction for love in a way you wouldn't normally wouldn't expect from a romantic comedy. Not many rom-coms are this honest and realistic, and very few of them would be able to tackle heavy themes such as this as effectively as this film does. The Apartment is very sincere in its depiction of how love can cause self-destruction in us all. The conversations between Lemmon and MacLaine feel so inspired and full of honesty. Again, Lemmon's brilliant comedic timing is just great stuff to watch. Wilder's direction and the cinematography are unsurprisingly first-class with plenty of visually pleasing shots of the outside of Baxter's apartment and the interiors of his workbuilding. Overall, if you haven't seen The Apartment yet, what are you doing?! This is a must-see classic!

My Rating: 9.5/10

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