Suspiria ★★★★½

I’ve been looking forward to Suspiria since before I even saw the original for the first time last year. I’m glad to say it was worth the wait, and absolutely would’ve been one of the best of the year for me last year had I have seen it in time. It might be one of the best remakes ever made honestly. A few key scenes in this are some of the most viscerally effective stuff I’ve ever seen (the first dance scene for Dakota Johnson, the scene with Mia Goth’s character in the hallway, and that ending my god). The ending itself does stretch out a little too long though and it kind of encapsulates the one thing holding this back for me, if you narrow it down about a half hour then it would make certain scenes feel a little better paced and solidify this as a full blown masterpiece. Nevertheless I adored this for every minute it made me squeamish, which was a whole bunch of it, and for all of the more restrained visual storytelling it captalizes on. Very,very few modern takes on older films have expanded on them as much as Suspiria does.