Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ★★½

Lot of stuff that’s very good but some major problems stop it from being a great film. Certain action sequences like the warehouse chase, Amazon chase and the motorbike chase (so basically all the chases) are pretty great and feel quite reminiscent of the original trilogy. The plot has some good points but to be honest I think a film about Indiana Jones just looking for El Dorado without the added alien element would’ve been better (even if it was basic.) It’s a fairly well directed film in general but for Spielberg standards not that great, the characters are really good and I have never understood why Shia Labouef was so hated for this. Ultimately though the awful CGI (aliens, ants or monkeys) and final reveal alongside a pretty messy narrative let this film down. The CGI alien looks sooooo bad and the burning eyes look worse than than the melting faces in raiders years earlier (showing again why practical effects are way more effective in films.) Indiana Jones films also shouldn’t include something about aliens. Even though the others contain supernatural elements (or potentially not, depending on religious beliefs) but they’re based on things believed in by humans, about humans, not inter-dimensional beings which was such a strange choice. You can’t deny George Lucas has guts but he got it wrong seriously there. This is undoubtedly the worst Indiana Jones film and I really hope my opinion on that doesn’t have to change after tomorrow.

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