The Many Saints of Newark

The Many Saints of Newark ★★

I finished the series yesterday which no doubt deserves to be recognised as one of the greatest TV series ever- it was very enjoyable from start to finish and I was excited to watch this especially because of how legendary Dickie Moltisanti is played up to be in the sopranos. I was very disappointed. It is completely incoherent, taking on too many plot points all of which are underdeveloped and there is certainly no space in the film to go deeply into Dickie as a character. A lot of the film just feels like it’s trying to fit in references some of which play out more as comedy gags than add any meaning to the film like the recreation of the famous varsity athlete quote or the terrible portrayal of a younger Silvio. Steven Van Zandts performance should not have even been attempted to be mimicked. I think that the overall look of the film and locations, props, costumes etc we’re all very well done and it was shot pretty well but i honestly think that’s how much thought was given here. Everything stylistically good in this film is overshadowed by the bad script. There are some things that are interesting, particularly the development of a young Tony Soprano or the civil rights element, Joey Diaz is also funny to see but as I said before, no angle of this film really feels complete and if they were really desperate to bring the sopranos back in some way, this film would’ve worked better as a mini series.

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