Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★½

some highlights from taika’s commentary:

- “even though u cant see chris hemsworth’s arms in this frame... u can feel them. good god. disgusting”
- “dont know if u guys recognize matt damon... from we bought a zoo... theres a little marvel/we bought a zoo crossover for u”
- “no /earth animals were harmed in the making of this movie. loads of dragons died, though”
- “and here we have famous country singer, karl urban”
- every time he mentions australia and new zealand its so fucking pure
- “uhhhh,,,, yeah. thor’s wearing his helmet. there u go fans, been asking for years, i gave it to you”
- “benedict... what can i say about benedict... he..................... has such a symmetrical face”
- “i’ll have you know that i, as a representative of the audience, i said to [chris] you have to [do a topless scene] ... i would like to acknowledge myself, and chris’s body, for the extra ticket sales that have occured because of those shots...”
- “the incredible hulk is played by.... bruce banner, obviously... an amazing actor”
-  “this is a sad moment for people who like tools... there are a lot of builders, carpenters, hearts just broken, perfectly good hammer just crushed by cate blanchett..” 
- “fun fact 34,022: ‘he’s a friend from work’ was given to us by a kid who was visiting with the make a wish foundation, full credit to that kid”
- “wow didnt realize that this shot was the color of the american flag........ and the french flag..... and the british flag and the new zealand flag and the australian flag... a lot of flags use red white and blue alright guys”
- and ofc every time his daughter is on the commentary track oh my god

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