The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★

"Goodbye to The Holy Mountain. Real life awaits us."

Religion is perverse. Spirituality is a materialistic. Enlightenment is a commodity. In the world of THE HOLY MOUNTAIN nothing is sacred and everything is blasphemous. Behind the vivid imagery and pseudo divinity are the cameras and lights because the pursuit of such divinity leads ultimately to nothing. To be truly enlightened one must see behind the truth to find reality and it is only then that one can become spiritual.

Surrealism at its most provocative and challenging. THE HOLY MOUNTAIN is unlike any other film I've seen and I presume unlike many other films in general terms. It's utterly impenetrable yet so deeply profound and enveloping. One could spend several weeks simply flicking through every frame and tear down every piece of meaningful imagery but that would be futile and in vain because it is then that you are completely oblivious to what this movie is really saying to its viewer, It can mean everything but it can also mean nothing.

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