Autoportrait | Trailer | by Film Streams

Sep 13 - 27, 2022 // How do filmmakers reveal a picture of themselves - in the reframing of films already completed, in the face of a ban from filmmaking, or within the tangles of memory and happenstance? The three films in the Autoportrait series — This Is Not a Film, Cameraperson, and Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania — present filmmakers who reflect on themselves and their craft, finding that their telling of others' stories is also a telling…

Girl Friends | Trailer | by Film Streams

A unique perspective within the coming-of-age genre is presented in Girl Friends, a series that focuses on girls, friends, girlfriends, and girl friends. Three films, all directed by queer women, center to some extent on a romantic storyline, though often the most interesting moments revolve around the interactions between friendship and queerness: crushes on friends, social ostracization, the murky distinction between romantic and platonic feelings, sexual discovery, identity and presentation, allyship, and many forms of intimacy.

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