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This review may contain spoilers.

A really solid sequel. My favorite iteration of Michael is definitely this one. He looks so fucking badass and he’s incredibly brutal and intimidating. The new characters are pretty good for the most part, the best being Laurie’s granddaughter, Allyson, and the real MVP, Julian. The one shot sequence, though short, is really great and the final confrontation is fantastic. The kills are all pretty damn good too, especially the bathroom scene.

However, I think Dr. Sartain is easily the biggest problem with this movie. His fucking pen knife is goofy as hell and the idea that he was a psycho the whole time is clearly there just so there’s a twist. Plus, you expect me to believe that Dr. Sam motherfucking Loomis had a psycho for a prodigy and had no idea. Also, the part where Allyson stumbles into the mannequins was really cheesy and stupid. But overall, a really good sequel and I’m super fucking hyped for Halloween Kills and Ends when they finally come out.

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