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First rewatch since the cinema, same review:

How does one film be so utterly enchanting? Todd Haynes' Carol is so opulent, so deep and honest of it's succinct story of taboo, of love, of a brief encounter that, from that moment we the viewer, are in love too.

Everything on show here is transfixing. The performances of Mara and Blanchett will not be beaten this year. Both are believable and powerful and definitely Oscar worthy. I genuinely felt the emotion just from the reactions and body language of Therese and Carol, which is something of a rarity in the 2015 film calendar.

Edward Lachman's cinematography is dreamy, transporting us into the story and the feelings of these two people betwixt with one another - It really was like watching moving art. Carter Burwell's score complemented the images beautifully, bringing its own weight to ensure a tactful, divine, and unforced sense of affectivity.

In a nutshell, Carol is the best film of 2015. What more do you need to know?

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