Tenet ★★★★

Watching Tenet again was very much like a first time viewing, perhaps that’s the point: a temporal pincer manoeuvre of movie watching? Having experienced Tenet already, (perhaps) I had the wherewithal to deconstruct it’s somewhat paradoxically challenging concept this time around. Or, perhaps it was my second viewing that made me realise that I had not actually seen it yet? 

Ok, I’m trying to be clever, and whilst I’m no Chris Nolan, I certainly felt I got much more out of Tenet upon a rewatch it. It is clever, and yes, it lacks character that I found troubling the first viewing, but it’s main draw is Nolan’s ability to be daring and a cinematic landscape that continues to play it safe. 

Tenet entertains whilst simultaneously asking the viewer to solve its riddle. The biggest question is whether we as viewers can be connected enough to warrant the energy it asks of us. Much more this time around than my previous watch, I gave it my ardour to be rewarded enough to change my mind on Nolan’s time bending spy thriller.

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