Parasite ★★★★★

It has been 224 days since I first saw this, or in simpler terms - 7 months and 1 week. In what was meant to be a limited run, Bong Joon-ho's masterpiece has been playing at a cinema where I live for 33 straight weeks and since it's award season presence has gained its second wind and received larger distribution at two bigger chains. I saw it that first week it released and have been watching it grow since with admiration and exhilaration, until finally on Monday when it won Best fucking Picture. Over half a year is a long time to wait between rewatching a movie that is this fucking good, especially considering it's been playing the entire time and now has a bigger audience than ever plus is now also playing in black and white. I think to a certain degree it didn't seem real; a movie that had won the Palme d'Or at Cannes a month earlier had gotten a release in Australia and like 10 other countries? In a weird and admittedly ridiculous (similarly referred to as stupid as fuck) way, I think the levels in which Parasite was so brilliant kinda left me stunned.

I couldn't even think to write a single detail of the film that first time let alone after thinking about it almost every day for months on end. I suppose all of this is filler in the way I would think about this during that time, I still have no idea what to say about this film. Similarly to last year's masterpiece Burning, I have sincerely no fucking clue where to even start breaking down why this is a masterpiece. However as I've watched Parasite's journey since July 3rd of last year, seeing it's path into what would become the highest rated film on this website says more about it than I ever could. 224 days ago I said it would take a monstrous effort to sit alongside this as the best film of 2019 and removing all bias I have from this year in cinema, it's very obviously the best film of 2019. I truly couldn't be happier for Bong Joon-ho and I don't think there will ever be a time in my life where it sinks in that this powerhouse of cinema won the Palme d'Or and over 8 months later won Best Picture. A historical win for an equally historical film, I am so proud of Parasite and it goes without saying I will not be waiting 224 days between my next watch of this masterpiece.

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