Parasite ★★★★½

You know what kind of plans never fail? No plans at all.”

Very glad I filled my blindspots in Bong’s filmography prior to finally watching this because it only made me appreciate the intricacies and nuances of the entire thing much more than I would have otherwise. Most comparable to Snowpiercer in terms of the way it addresses the class system, but about thirty times more impactful & entertaining, Parasite serves as a deliciously-scathing antidote for the drought of profound commentaries in theaters as of late. The climax is equal parts vibrant & grisly to match, the amount of anxiousness Bong is able to instill in the audience right until the final frame is legitimately unparalleled.
It’s also a true testament to the talent of Song’s acting abilities that in a film so immaculately-edited, shot, directed, written, composed, etc., that HIS performance is the strongest aspect of all.

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