Shoplifters ★★★★★

Twice in a week. Absolutely cannot stop thinking about this, to the point where I’m daydreaming about it at work. 
Definitely some of the best acting ever put to film. The little girl is way too adorable and this time damn near every single scene with her made me tear up as intensely as possible. 
The ending to this initially left me feeling pretty cold, but after several days and a second viewing it’s very clear to me why that was the case. Nothing in the entire thing feels even remotely out of place, & nothing feels the slightest bit disingenuous. Haven’t seen something that made me question my own morals THIS much in who knows how long.
Even if Roma is the talk of the town when it comes to any discussion of foreign films in 2018, Shoplifters deserves every single bit of praise this site has thrown at it and then some. In complete awe of what Koreeda has accomplished with this, and cannot wait for my third watch.

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