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  • GoodFellas
  • Moulin Rouge!
  • Almost Famous
  • Rear Window

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  • The Hangover


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  • Nightcrawler



    nightcrawler: jake gyllenhaal is crazy pt. 6835897

    but yeah i agree with everyone on this app that he really did deserve an oscar for this performance bc i could never hate jake but...lou bloom 😳

  • The Hangover

    The Hangover


    i genuinely laughed throughout this and it had my favs bradley (god he's so hot in this) and heather graham so i'm satisfied
    hey girl ;)

Popular reviews

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    today was the day i was proud of my broad nose and big lips. my brown skin and my nappy hair. my west african heritage and femininity. seeing those strong dArK-skinned wakandan warriors on that movie screen today really, not to sound cliche, empowered me. represenation fricking matters. and when the African drums started, a chill went down my spine, when the people of wakanda who were standing on the rocks started chanting "t'challa, t'challa, t'challa, t'challa!", i started crying.…

  • WandaVision



    i get it now wanda, i really get what you see in him 😳

    edit: twenty minutes later and i'm still depressed that it's over 
    i literally wasn't even gonna watch this and i became so attached so quickly
    maybe it's bc i'm obsessed with sitcoms like wanda?