Saw VI ★★★★½

''You think it's the living who have ultimate judgment over you, because the dead will have no claim over your soul. But you may be mistaken.''

Saw might be the most consistent and interesting horror franchise of all time.

Rather than a series of increasingly ludicrous films that turn their characters into caricatures and drop in quality exponentially, Saw instead creates a pulp horror world of startling intricacy and features many of its most standout moments as late as its sixth and seventh installments.

It's interesting to think that an intricate pulp thriller series, aimed squarely at an adult audience, managed to be such a cultural phenomenon in a way that no other horror franchise managed in the decade prior or has managed in the decade since.

As a series, Saw deserves a critical reevaluation.
They aren't just torture-porn films, as is often claimed.
There's more going on here, and the denial of that really just feels like genre snobbery.

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