Sunset Boulevard ★★★★★

''I just think pictures should say a little something.''
''Oh, you're one of the message kids. Just a story wont do?''

Hollywood is brutal.

Norma Desmond is the apotheosis of the Hollywood-casualty.

Sunset Boulevard is the story of an ageing starlet, and of the people caught up in her fragile web of manipulation and self-delusion.
It's a story about lies, and madness, and pride.
It's a story told with just the right mixture of tenderness and brutality.

The script is perfection. 
The acting is flawless. 
The directing is gorgeous.
It's a pulpy, grim, melancholy, exceptionally witty film. 
Timeless, and as close as it gets to perfect cinema.

It feels like something ripped straight out of Hollywood Babylon.

It's the greatest gothic melodrama ever put to celluloid.

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