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  • Kiss Me, Stupid
  • Kiss Me Deadly
  • Kiss the Blood Off My Hands
  • Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die

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  • Middletown


  • Where East Is East


  • Journey into Fear


  • Clash of the Titans


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  • Middletown



    A tightly acted story of religious intransigence and familial rupture in 1960s Northern Ireland. Matthew MacFadyen and Daniel Mays play brothers in a small rural town and deliver extremely good Ulster accents, one of the hardest to master effectively. Believe me, I know.

    Matthew comes back to his birthplace as a firebrand preacher after performing missionary work abroad and immediately sets to work on the 'ungodly' practices that thrive in this little settlement, principally causing friction between himself and his…

  • Where East Is East

    Where East Is East


    Estelle Taylor delivers the type of sinuous performance that silent cinema was made for - filled with eye-narrowing menace and evil allure. It's quite something that she steals the screen from two other entrancing performances from Lon Chaney and Lupe Velez in this very twisted family melodrama/love triangle from Tod Browning. It's packed to the entertaining rafters with the Otherness of the East, though, very much of its time, none of the main Oriental roles are played by Asian actors.…

Popular reviews

  • Ball of Fire

    Ball of Fire


    To some dear readers there may be an element of sacrilege in the following query, but what makes this a Howard Hawks film? This is a Billy Wilder film. The story originated with him and the script (from him and Charles Brackett) is filled with obvious Wilderisms, toying with the English language and sexual mores in his uniquely mischievous Viennese fashion. As one of the exchanges between professor and gangster goes:
    'You don't mind if we talk, do you?'

  • Mystery of the Wax Museum

    Mystery of the Wax Museum


    As much as I love Fay Wray and her legendary lungs of scream, this is Glenda Farrell's picture. She's fabulous as the hard-bitten, wisecrackin' reporter and has literally all the best lines - "You can go to some nice, warm place - and I don't mean California!"; "I've been in love so many times, my heart's calloused"; "You raise the kids, I'll raise the roof. I'd rather die of an arthritic heart from shaking cocktails and daiquiris than expire in…