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  • But I'm a Cheerleader

    But I'm a Cheerleader


    Came back just to say I love this movie.

    Joe Biden is INDEED making us all into sensitive little liberals but shit its working😢 that ending made me cry like fuck FUCK

    and there are only a few films that made me G U L P

    1. Call Me By Your Name
    2. (the daddy movie by Adam Sandler)
    3. Crash
    4. and some other movie I can't remember

    POINT IS, I never (hardly) cry in a movie, and uuuhhhh…

  • Swordfish


    this movie dumb as tits. speaking of tits, nudity and other horny "things" men go apeshit about, this movie has a lot of them. like bruh, mr. director, you're so fucking horny and it shows.

    just wank it off once bitch, stop this horniess.

    there are some AMAZING scenes in this movie, like HOLY. ICONIC scenes. Hugh Jackman literally has to HACK while getting SACKED in his balls.... LIKE EXCUSE ME. but then there's just halle berry getting lynched. like…

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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Half-Baked Thoughts on Call Me By Your Name


    Call Me By Your Name is on that list of films that made me GULP. Only five films out there can do that, including this. Call Me by Your Name is so good, that I would be surprised if another film could take it's title of BEST FILM OF 2017

    Don't raise them expectations. This film is susceptible to disappointment. This is not a film that can be described technically, or…

  • Shrek 5

    Shrek 5



    Logan Pitch: Shrek, since Fiona, and the babies are ded, spirals into depression. Shrek becomes a taxi driver, till a long-lost descendant of Puss comes, and says that the last heir to the kingdom, the mystical shrek baby, is still alive, now in emo form. Shrek decided to take the emo boi, back to the now torn down kingdom, which is ruled by dragons. Since long ago, Donkey was backstabbed by his dragonite children, and since Shrek was gone,…