I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★½


Thoughts on I, Tonya

So, so, so, so much fun. Maybe too much fun.

We have a messy character piece: the focus is only primarily on Tonya Harding. If you want a gripping and accurate account of the events that transpired, like, nope. This ain't about the incident, figure skating, or Nancy Kerrigan.


And it's awesome af.

Cynical to the heart and energetic in it's exposure, Gillepsie crafts a fine American tale about a Tonya Harding: the unlucky one, a tale about her scrutiny, and what she thinks about it all. Just note, it gets messy, it gets personal. But, damn, it's awesome.

Other random thoughts and stuff that annoyed me:

-Certain scenes are shot like a doc, perfectly encapsulating how Tonya Harding felt: always watched. It's very topical, considering how reality T.V shows are a huge part of American culture
-The soundtrack is nicely out together and pretty clever
-Very confrontational, that it feels like an out-of-body experience in the theater. It's as if, I am in the 80s and 90s, experiencing the fear, the tragedy, and comedy of the whole Tonya Harding ordeal
-Seb Stan did a pretty nify job. Margot Robbie did pretty good. Janney was good, but not oscar-worthy. Give it to Laurie Metcalf or Lesley Manville, you fools. Stop blowing her performance up Academy, stfu
-A 27-year old Margot Robbie acting like a 15 year-old is so freaking cringy
-Certain visual effects were fake af
-I would have loved more awareness that this is Tonya's tale, movie, and a complaint to the media. It would have made the film a lot more cohesive and solid, instead of messy. But you know, still cool and glamorous.
-when Robbie was spinning like crazy on the ice rink, the Interstellar theme came to mind.
-Most American movie of 2017? It perfectly portrays how cynical 'Murica was and is, even if the whole film is from the perspective of people that I cannot trust. Un-trustworthy characters=engaging cinema
-Yo, those skating scenes were electrifying
-McKenna Grace, as young Tonya Harding, did not convince me

It's a very fun movie, and I am just happy that I witnessed I, Tonya

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