Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★★

Saw this on New Year's Eve

happy new years...................... hooray! (kill me)

I don't why I gave this a 7. This is the best medicine for sadness. It's officially a 100/100.

I wish I can write a detailed review, but I am just so happy that this is the last movie I saw in 2017. Happiest movie of all time? Yes.

Singin in the Rain explains why films are so inescapable for me: because they offer escape, and captivation. This is, pure escapism at it's finest. I was chuckling, and laughing, and smiling throughout. When I first reviewed this (first days of summer break, right when I was starting here), I just criticized this so much. I even called this worse than La La Land just because it was not a TECHNICAL MASTERPIECE BECAUSE THE MUSIC WAS NOT IN SYNC AND IT WAS TOO OPTIMISTIC. I am so glad I have expanded my horizons. I have changed so much.

I have not seen that many movies, but I am glad I am watching more and more everyday, all thanks to Letterboxd and my acquaintances on this site. Anyway, if it's too late idc, because happy 2018!

but more on Singin' in The Rain: this is literally the best ever.

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