The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★

Summer. Helicopters. Take out food. Tattoos. Children. Hip-hop music. Florida. Poor people. Childhood innocence. Memos strapped with transparent tape. Pool. Motels. Tourists. F-words. Gypsies. Mom and daughter. Playing around. Rainbows. Rent. Baths. Toys. Stuffed toys. Reality. Waffles. Fire. Getting in trouble. Running away. Cheapness. Filth. Ice cream.

Ambient sound. Only ambient sound.

Magical. Beautiful. And oh so sweet, with it's dose of dark reality.

Child actors are freakin good.

I want to go back to the project, the motel. A place where nostalgia lives. It's going to be hard, to experience all the sad moments, the dreary, and the depressing. But simultaneously, it's home. A home is the best.

The Florida Project shows, in an objective sense, the two sides of childhood. One side is a raw sense of despair and just plainly depressive. While the other is magical, delightful, nostalgic, and filled with little misadventures and ignorance. I wish I can have the good side. The delightful, care-free side. But I can't. The other side wins.

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