Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

This is campy Hitchockian fare of the first order, but with Fincheresque grit! Rosamund Pike is the obsessed, icy blonde; Ben Affleck, the baffled, nihilistic bad-boy. The casting is spot on, from the secondary players to the leads. Given that I had read the book (and, yes, enjoyed it), I am pleased to report that while this is a remarkably faithful adaptation, it is in no way wooden. It's just as loose, mad and freewheeling as its potboiler source. I absolutely loved the black humour throughout. A scathing indictment of mass media, a dark, dark (!) look at marriage, and a mystery with a WTF (?) twist: Gone Girl careens along at the edge of madness, and then plunges over the line. Fun!

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