Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★

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I didn’t think this was as good as Homecoming, but it definitely wasn’t unenjoyable, and I’m liking this series a lot more than TASM. I still can’t get invested in these characters to the extent of the Raimi ones and it’s missing the factor of Peter being a poor, struggling superhero, but it does offer something that’s new and interesting. Ned continues to be a particularly great character and I enjoyed his new relationship with Betty. MJ also gets a bigger part here which was nice, but there seemed to be a hole between where the last film left off and Peter’s sudden obsession with her.

I’m a bit torn on this rating but it’s a lot closer to a 3.5 than a 2.5. I liked it quite a bit, but just wanted a little more out of it. I even liked the setting moving away from New York for a while, but we didn’t really get any interesting setpieces outside of maybe Venice. Jake Gyllenhaal is easily one of the best actors of his generation and I’m not sure who else could’ve done a better job, but he didn’t get as much opportunity to shine as I’d hoped, and his fight scenes essentially all involving drones and big dumb monsters got old after a while. Having him team up with another villain wouldn’t have gone amiss. Mysterio as a character is excellent though. Put me right back to playing the PS2 Spider-Man 2 game and being fooled by his overinflated health bar.

Peter’s over-cutesyness and the overbalance of humour also got a bit much at times. A lot of it was genuinely quite funny, but some of the more forced stuff just came across as the type of jokes you only really laugh at when you’re sitting in a crowded cinema, and it made it harder to connect to any of the heavier scenes.

This being the highest grossing Spider-Man film so far is fully expected but feels a little undeserving. Still a fun flick overall though.

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