Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★★★

the way your head works is god's own private mystery.

i'm reluctant to admit how much lula and i have in common at heart - it's not an especially flattering recognition. the escapism theme is explored by almost every director in one way or another because, at some point, everyone has wanted to run away from something. at heart i am essentially no different than the lot of you who were touched by Lady Bird, but we are also simultaneously living in separate idealogical universes. regardless, though, in a society where almost everything is predetermined by monetary influence and social expectations, making your own rules, or having none at all, is the ultimate freedom. being in love is a rebellious act, and running away is the only dream in this cruel as fuck, weird as fuck world.

one of my favorite moments is at the gas station, when lula is grooving with the old man - then she takes over driving but there's nothing but morose, violent news on the radio. she pulls over screaming, leaps from the car and begs sailor to find music playing on any station. when he does, they dance on the side of the road. that's wild at heart.

harry dean stanton is also my favorite person & i miss him dearly. also i'm from the south and saw the wizard of oz no less than 200 times as a child, so, upon rewatching after a year of personal evolution and analysis i realized how much this film speaks to my hopelessly fucked up heart and how probably lucky i am that i never found a Sailor. or, more likely, how absolutely tragic it is that i didn't. but it's not over yet.

if ever something don't feel right to you, remember what Pancho said to the Cisco Kid: "Let's win, before we're dancing at the end of a rope, without music."

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