Annette ★★★★

A go-for-broke all out epic rock opera that's about, well, abusive men and exploitation in the entertainment industry. Endlessly witty, crazy creative, totally ridiculous with a puppet baby and so much more. The audacity is off the charts and it's simultaneously mocking the art of live performance and making us swoon over excessively garish musical numbers. Adam Driver is extraordinary, as always, in musical form. He is such an amazing actor and gives astoundingly deep performances time and time again.

There's some exceptional Sparks Brothers musical scenes involving songs about the paparazzi, child birth, cunnilingus, and police interviews. I have to admit, I was in awe of how masterfully they crafted kinda cheesy-kinda catchy songs about such strange moments. The whole film is pretty damn dark with quite a strange ending. Much more cynical and damning than expected from the start. Leos Carax knows how to make one hell of an original musical, that's for damn sure.