Suspiria ★★★★★

I really think Guadagnino's Suspiria is even more rewarding on a second viewing. It has so much mystery and horror baked right into the atmosphere and the walls and glances and everything. There's so much to digest in it, take your time to enjoy this bloody, twisted delicacy. It's also a film you'll end up discussing/debating/arguing about for hours after. Whether you love it, or hate it, or have problems, or don't, it's the kind of film that provokes discussion among cinephiles which is always fun to watch. And a good sign the film has a power.

I could really get into more of the film this time. Get a sense of everything going on in each scene, even if it's not right in front of us. I still really believe this film is spectacular. And it's long but if you can get pulled into it, it's all there for a reason and flows quite smoothly.

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