Burning ★★★★

What a movie! While it took its time far to often and legitimately needed a good 15-20 minutes cut, Lee Chang-Dong has created such a oddly beautiful and haunting thriller that I think people should most definitely check out.

The cinematography is straight up a 10/10 for me, almost reaching Parasite levels of crisp shots that were just impossible to look away from.

Also Steven Yeun’s performance is impeccable and seriously impressive considering he’s known as an American actor and can still bring his acting chops into another language. 

While I don’t think it wrapped up as nicely as I’d hoped or even did a lot for me a leading up to the actual plot kicking in fully, Burning is a solid mystery/thriller that just focuses on the craft of the film rather than the screenplay that if you’re looking for something fresh and interesting to watch this is it.

It’s on Netflix

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