Cannibal Holocaust ★★★★½

This movie follows a documentary film crew in the Amazon jungle that is eager to get footage of two diffrent tribes battling each other in order to sell the footage. Eventually they start to plot up diffrent violent acts they can film to make it look like the tribes have done it. Their reasoning behind doing this is that their documentary is more intense thus making them more money when they release it.

With this movie looking so realistic with real tribes (even though they weren't portrayed as themselfs) it felt like they didn't act and made the whole experience even scarier. As the first found footage movie ever made I have to say that it really worked and it probably helped inspire many other found footage movies such as The Blair Witch Project, the Paranormal Activity series and the [REC] series.

With that beautiful theme song you could think it came from some romantic movie, but after a while the consistant bheew sound from the "Adulteress Punishment" track that they use whenenever something mysterious/intresting comes up becomes quite annoying. The acting isn't really the best i've seen and some lines are really corny, for example Professor Harold saying: "I wonder who the real cannibals are."

The movie has a reputation for its graphic content, those infamous animal scenes is quite desturbing to watch. I understand what Ruggero was going for with making it seem like the film crew is heartless, but they show that later in the movie anywas so I think it was unnecessary. Even Ruggero has said that he regrets ever shooting those scenes.

When I heard about the movie and all its gruesome content I (and probably many others) imagined it was all the tribes doing but I was only partially right. After the film crew has been in the jungle for a while you start to see that they have some bad intentions and you start to doubt who the real villians of the movie is. I also think that the way the movie was split into two diffrent parts was a great idea.

By some weird way I really enjoy this uniqe movie. 4/5