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Obligator 5-star review for such a tremendousley grim and honest depiction of black masculinity and sexuality made in modern times. 

This film dives head first into an ocean of emotions that creeps up to explode on you, especially in the third act. To call this film a tearjerker would be an understatement. Moonlight handles all of its tough situations very maturely where other movies with similar subjects often times becomes a bit corny or ”over the top” in my opinion. Beautiful cinematography makes Moonlight feel like visual poetry. Every shot has some sort of individual beauty in it, almost as the same way Stalker was filmed; both movies always have something captivating to display with every single scene. Everything about this film just screams perfection!

Having this film split into three acts makes it an excellent way to illustrate how Chiron is affected by his bullying long term; throughout his childhood, adolescens and adulthood. Even though he tried to hide his inner self by building up a fake wall of pretend after moving to Atlanta, his authentic side came out as soon as Kevin gave him that one phone-call.

Talk about the best way possible to start a brilliant career as a director with Barry Jenkins sophomore feature, Moonlight.

This is a clear modern masterpiece in my and many others eyes, and it has every single reason to be.

Obviously a strong 5/5!