The Young Offenders ★★★

Very enjoyable comedy about two Irish best friends that goes on a bicycle trip to an area where there is been a drug trafficking boat that has been capsized and lost 61 bales of cocaine of the coast. The two friends, Conor and Jock tries find one of the bales that hasn't been found yet. Each bale is worth €7 million and their dreams of a better and richer life after finding that bale makes them go for a really intresting voyage.

The two boys strong accents definitely makes for the biggest highlight of the film and it's great since you hear them chattering throughout the whole film.

I felt like the part with the old man thinking that Conor and Jock were his children was a bit too much, especially since this film is based on a true event. It's hard to belive that part was real and not just made up for some gags to the audience.

I had a pretty good experice while watching this with my friend but I don't know how entertaining it would have been if I saw it alone.

Im feeling a strong 2,5/5 to a light 3/5 on this one. Whats your thoughts on The Young Offenders? You're the best, the best! See you next time.