Zero Dark Thirty ★★★

Well made film with good acting from most of the cast, especially Jessica Chastain. I have a problem with american made films about these topics and I realize that many people feel the same way I do about it. The film is criticised hard for the torture scenes but thats not the reason why I have a hard time watching it. It’s because the ”good guys” as seen from the film, that obviously is the Americans are probably made a bit biased since it’s an American war-film. Not that it’s wrong to kill horrible terrorists but to make every american soldier to be some sort of fearless superhero that can just gun down 10 bad guys in a shootout seems a bit old fashioned to me. Anyways, decent film with a super well made ending that had me on the edge of my seat. + half a star for such a strong ending. The whole film was a buildup to that final scene but it was still a great scene!