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  • Farsan



    Originally saw this in the cinemas when it came out and I didnt really like it. After this rewatch I can definetly say that it has grown on me quite a bit.

    The film has some laughable moments in it, the dad is funny because I can relate to him in some aspects, but the film is still pretty bad just as I remembered when I saw it back in 2010.

    Even though I laughed plenty of times I still cant say that this drama-comedy worked that well.

  • Kan du vissla Johanna?

    Kan du vissla Johanna?


    Lita på mig, en morfar ska jag fixa åt dig. Det lovar jag.

    This is a great shortfilm that many Swedes watch as a tradition every Christmas Eve.

    I’ve seen this film several times over the years but this year I saw a great resemblance of Miyazakis work in the film, especially with My Neighbor Totoro. Kan du vissa Johanna is in my opinion both very comedic and sad at the same time. This is an incredible innocent film which might be one of the reasons why I sense a great recemblence of Totoro in it.

  • From All of Us to All of You

    From All of Us to All of You


    Fun little tradition here in Sweden. Every year, Christmas Eve at 3 P.M we watch this collection of old Disney scenes. My personal favourite is the Ferdinand one.

  • Christmas Mail

    Christmas Mail

    Do you remember when you said that this might be my office one day? 

    Yeah yeah yeah so so speed it up, Yeah whatever. 

    That might have been the best reply I’ve ever heard in a film. The writer Steven Palmer Peterson clearly knows how to make a reply sound as realistic as possible. If you get the regular riskless reply like a simple ”yeah” or ”yes” as you often do, it lacks the spiciness that films many times need. With…

  • Click



    Disguised as one of the shitty Sandler-flicks, this one is actually great and makes me cry every god-damned time. It still has the shitty kid/teen comedy edge to it which would make it out to be as good as the regular Sandler flick. The diffrence between Click and a film like Billy Madison, Big Daddy or The Wedding Singer is the fact that Click has such a strong and good message and knows how to execute it. 

    Really underrated and I definetly recommend this Sandler-flick.

  • Just Friends

    Just Friends


    Favourite Christmas film even though it doesnt really have a Christmas theme to it.

  • Lake Mungo

    Lake Mungo


    Excellent film, definetly one of the scariest films Ive seen and based on the avrage letterboxd rating (currently 3,3), this also has to be one of the most underrated films Ive seen. 

     This was disturbing to the point where I had to take a quick break and do something else for a while. The blurry face of the neighbor that sneaked into their house was horrifying and while writing this I have a hard time to think of anything else…

  • Unfriended: Dark Web

    Unfriended: Dark Web


    Enjoyed this sequel much more than the first. I found the concept of this film to be much more creepy and convincing than to have a paranormal spirit haunt them like the first one had. What I dont understand is how the hacker got all glitchy whenever he was shown on the screens?! I got supermad about it and it bugged the hell out of me during the whole film. Atleast the film had a cool concept sometimes thats all you need to make a decent  horror-flick.


  • The Late Bloomer

    The Late Bloomer

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This is really a half star film but the happy ending with him kissing the girl made it a full star.

  • The Princess Switch

    The Princess Switch


    Cozy film but I feel like it avoided every opportunity it had to create or stir up some sort of much needed drama. The part when the princess and Stacy reveals themselfs as each other could have been done in a more realistic way than to just have the guys being ok with the situation. It just threw me out of the story completely. 

    Still a pretty warm and cozy Christmas film that I probably wont rewatch but regret not seeing closer to the holiday.


  • Laws of Attraction

    Laws of Attraction

    Horrendous movie but decent acting from the two leads. Probably one of the most generic films Ive seen though. 


  • Why Him?

    Why Him?


    The film really did grow on me. At first I was going to give it a ernest 1 star rating, but after the first half hour the bad humor didnt bother me as much as it originally did. My love for Franco grew over the fact that in this film packed with jokes, probably 1 out of 25 made me giggle and probably 2 or 3 during the whole film had me laughting. And im not that hard to please when it comes to comedy?!? 
    Feeling a strong 1,5/5 to a light 2/5 on this one, Franco definetly saved it from being pure dumpsta juice.