• The Ritual

    The Ritual


    Wtf, the ”Swedes” didn’t even speak Swedish...

  • Taxi



    The avrage life conversations of the people Panahi picks up and the way they feel so realisitic is what makes this a 4-STAR movie for me. The dialoges from his passengers as they told their stories sometimes made me get a picture of what the Iranian society might be like. 

    I dont know anything about iranian politics or the message this movie tries to put out, but I do understand that Panahi must have taken a huge risk making this…

  • The Seafarers

    The Seafarers

    I only put myself through this in order to eventually have seen every Kubrick film.

  • Cannibal Holocaust

    Cannibal Holocaust


    This movie follows a documentary film crew in the Amazon jungle that is eager to get footage of two diffrent tribes battling each other in order to sell the footage. Eventually they start to plot up diffrent violent acts they can film to make it look like the tribes have done it. Their reasoning behind doing this is that their documentary is more intense thus making them more money when they release it.

    With this movie looking so realistic with…

  • El Camino Christmas

    El Camino Christmas


    It felt like a comedy that tried to take itself serious, which did not work well.