Fisherman John has written 3 reviews for films rated ½ during 2018.

  • Christmas Mail

    Christmas Mail

    Do you remember when you said that this might be my office one day? 

    Yeah yeah yeah so so speed it up, Yeah whatever. 

    That might have been the best reply I’ve ever heard in a film. The writer Steven Palmer Peterson clearly knows how to make a reply sound as realistic as possible. If you get the regular riskless reply like a simple ”yeah” or ”yes” as you often do, it lacks the spiciness that films many times need. With…

  • Day of the Dead: Bloodline

    Day of the Dead: Bloodline

    Starting of 2018 with this horrendous zombie flick was a horrible idea. This is not a ”so bad it’s good film”, this is one of those ”so bad it’s really bad films” 

    I had almost zero expectations going in but when I came out I was still really dissapointed. Whenever I realize I’m going to watch a shitty film I hope for atleast a couple of funny moments but this was just boring, soooo boring. Stale preformances and horrible CGI. 

    Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to eventually find that hidden gem covered up as a shitty horror flick. 


  • SPF-18


    So apperently this completeley unknown director Alex Israel desided to make this awful film, knowing that the characters are so painfully boring and dull that it feels like they’re robots.  Who would have guessed that it would score a whopping avrage of 3,4 on IMDB.

    There is no way possible Alex is proud of this horrible trash dressed up as a romantic teenage drama.

    The only thing that makes me slightly happy when thinking about this piece of garbage is how much they had to pay Keanu, but also, whyyyy would you do this to us Keanu???