Fisherman John has written 28 reviews for films rated ★★½ during 2019.

  • What Happened on September 11

    What Happened on September 11


    Short and decent doc with refreshing view of childrens experience and view on the horrifying event that took place on 9/11 

  • Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly

    Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly


    Huge Travis fan but as people already has pointed out, this doc put wayyyy to much focus on his conserts and his performance.

  • Pay It Forward

    Pay It Forward


    Did GTA V take their Trevor from this film? They have the same name, both live in a shitty desert and have a stripper mum.

  • Final Destination

    Final Destination


    The start of my 2019 final destination rewatch. I have always wondered if the glass actually would break at the airport when the plane blows up. My guess is not.

  • The Fast and the Furious

    The Fast and the Furious


    The zooming faces with that funny sound effect makes this so much better!

  • The Rebound

    The Rebound


    Fin brud

  • My Best Friend's Wedding

    My Best Friend's Wedding


    George: Michael's chasing Kimmy?
    Julianne: Yes!
    George: You're chasing Michael?
    Julianne: YES!
    George: Who's chasing you... nobody, get it? There's your answer.

    Such a great quote that it bumped up the rating by a whole star. Decent ending, overall pretty bland though.

  • The Fundamentals of Caring

    The Fundamentals of Caring


    Really cute and heartwelming roadtrip film. Liked most parts of it but not the ending.

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story


    The first half of the film was hurting my poor eyes. Its like they added a fog filter whilst on that planet and I cant figure out why. It didnt bring out anything special it only hurt my eyes!!

  • The Fault in Our Stars

    The Fault in Our Stars


    A great story to a decent film. If only there was a book I could read about this instead. It would probably be alot better and make me cry like a little bitchboy. Oh Well.

  • Out of the Furnace

    Out of the Furnace


    Its hard to find films this bland with this great of a cast, Scott Cooper really outdid himself with this one...

  • Thor: Ragnarok

    Thor: Ragnarok


    As I rewatched it I was dissapointed how many jokes there were and how many that missed. This film has almost become the film that represents Marvel-humor and with delivering these kinds of jokes, I guess it deserves that title. Even though theyre not always that good.