Fisherman John has written 12 reviews for films rated ★★★½ during 2018.

  • Before We Go

    Before We Go


    Really enjoyed this Before Sunrise remake, Chris Evans is like a cat’s purr. He’s Lucas Lee in my eyes though. Cute film, emotional ride. Why didn’t they commit adultery in the hotel room?! Very confusing stuff right there. What did the note say after she turned it over? Many questions this film brings me indeed. There’s three days left on my autumn-break and there has been zero studying thus far. Tomorrow will change that though. Cheers!

  • To All the Boys I've Loved Before

    To All the Boys I've Loved Before


    Super cute rom-com with rewatch value, Peter is just amaaazing! The final shot where he is in the middle of the goals at the field was great.

  • Paddington



    Super cute bear alert!

  • Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

    Seeking a Friend for the End of the World


    Best performance I've seem from both Kiera Knightley and Steve Carell, with an exception to his legendary role as Michael Scott from The Office. Cried alot like I usually do to slightly sad and/or beautiful films.
    It felt like this film had so much potential with such great acting and such cool, not new or in any way groundbreaking, but still cool concept but suffered greatly by the way it was directed.
    Im feeling a light 3,5/5 to a strong

  • Calibre



    Calibre is a great suspenseful British thriller about two lifelong friends that go on a hunting trip nearby an isolated village. While hunting they are confronted with a situation that they never could be prepared for. 

    As a Netflix Original my bar was set pretty low but this film was actually great! The suspense is what makes for such an awesome experience and through the whole film I was on the edge of my chair. The characters have all the right in…

  • Kiwi!



    The nostalgia hits really strong with this one, one of the first youtube videos I saw as a kid and oh boy its a good one. Just as sad as I remembered it was when I was smaller. Recomend this short video to anyone with three minutes to spare!

    Im feeling a strong 3/5 to a light 3,5/5. You’re the best the best! See you next time, Stay Awesome!

  • Planetary Nebula

    Planetary Nebula


    This was great! Never thought I would be into these sorts of experimental films. Good job Eli!

  • The Red Turtle

    The Red Turtle


    The Red Turtle —

    This dialogue-less Studio Ghibli film had me in awe! Great example of visual poetry. The portrayal of life and loss from the eyes of the stranded main character had me very emotionally invested throughout the whole run-time, and I think the fact that the film has zero dialouges makes it even more touching towards the ending. As you can expect from everything Studio Ghibli produced, this film is well animated with beautiful cinematography. Crazy how I can…

  • Game Night

    Game Night


    This is probably one of the best mainstream comedy movies I have seen in a very long time. Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams playing the lead couple complemented each other very well. Lamorne Morris will always be Winston in my eyes, but his character in this film was full of jokes and puns that for the most part felt rightly exicuted. Jesse Plemons was the perfect pick for the freaky neighbor Gary. This film had plenty of good performances from…

  • Cherry Bomb: The Documentary

    Cherry Bomb: The Documentary

    "Work hard. Be somebody. Be something more than what you see in the mirror. Let the world be your mirror. Don't let em judge you, cause the mirror can't judge you. You judge what you see in the mirror." — Wayne

    This is a great documentary to a great album. Kanye, Pharrell and Wayne were some awesome features that were very inspiring to watch, especially Wayne.

     I got a small feeling of a more matured Tyler on this album, but it…

  • Hard Candy

    Hard Candy

    This is one of those films I saw at the age of 10 with my older brother that had me messed up for years. 

    Ellen Page mostly gets her praise from Juno, Inception and the ”X-films”, but her acting in this film is in my opinion Ellen at the top of her game.

    "If I left one, then you'd be walking around crooked all the time. So, this is for the best, alright?"

     I never thought that I would feel sympathy…

  • Audition



    I’ve heard that Miike is considered quite a conteoversial director and for a first watch to one of his crammed library of films, I could defenetly understand why he would have such a reputation. If you're looking for something disturbing, then this is the right movie for you. 
    I wouldn’t put a genre on this movie, but to easily describe it, I would call it a slow-paced combination between thriller and horror.

    The plot; a widowed man tries to begin…