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This review may contain spoilers.

so this is my 2nd review for this movie... i've been editing this rating a lot over the course of 2 days but i think i'm satisfied with giving this a 3/5 for now... i don't know if this will change after a rewatch but. anyway after talking about how emotional this movie made me feel and all the general surface-level excitement out of the way in the other review i wanna contrast that and acknowledge the parts about it i didn't like this time around

off the top of my head i want to start with the finn/rose relationship (i genuinely complained abt this first when i got out of the cinema dfkdn) which, god, all the promotional stuff got me so excited for this duo and i was so so so happy and excited when they met and i enjoyed the banter right off the bat but honestly i didn't like how it turned out in the end? i was literally so confused like why did that have to happen literally How and i can't justify it in my head it was equal parts cheesy and cringe-y idk how rian johnson lives w himself ruining a perfect friendship like that it was so unnecessary imo

i'm a little iffy with what they did with poe too and the entire narrative with finn and rose and benicio del toro like... i was really hoping for a Point and for something to work out with their plan and i was actually really surprised when nothing happened??? it was just ?? nothing ???? which is genuinely... disappointing in a star wars movie or literally any movie because who wants to waste their time getting invested in something only for it to just... result in nothing?

the entire... thing with kylo ren... in this entire goddamn movie... i literally felt bad for the dude twice only for the entire thing to be all for nothing?? i almost cared for a literal piss baby but in the end my emotions were just getting played i wasted so many tears on this movie tbh now that i think about it and the story-telling is so unreliable i'm realizing this now and that's fine if it was executed well but in this movie it's not it's like shitty plot twists is to rian johnson as obnoxious explosions is to michael bay

i still love rey and i stand by her she doesn't deserve any of the shit rian johnson made her do in this movie The Real Rey Would Never and i want to say the same goes for luke like the guy is iconic as always and is a literal beacon of hope so? killing a literal child? who??? anyway the entire "kylo's side of the story/luke's side of the story" back and forth thing made me so uncomfortable i never wanna feel like that again it seriously made me doubt luke and that made me sooo sad thanks i hate it

idk it's so tiring to keep gathering my thoughts on this movie after just one watch which i guess is reasonable because so much happened in it i couldn't possibly get everything out in just one review not this time around and ugh i really love this series and esp these characters idk i almost want to remain biased and just blindly love it but i don't have to be a pushover like that i can't ignore these glaring contradictions from the og trilogy and characterizations built up in tfa... i don't want to be a passive audience idk this is all just sad to me honestly sdfmkdsfn like i'm angry but i'm sadder i waited two years for this kylo ren circle jerk

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