Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★

Begins with such a promising first third, the airport and car sequences are some of my favorites in the trilogy. Unfortunately, it quickly loses its footing afterwards; the philosophical discussions are much more shallow and less organically integrated into the story, the argument section had so many moments of artificial writing. The dialogue in general was far worse than in the previous films. This screenplay spent waay too much time discussing sex for no apparent reason, the ending was great in concept, but it didn't feel earned. The leads are still excellent as usual but Linklater's direction feels much less pertinent, the central relationship could've been much better explored, I think. I might be a bit too bitter because I loved the other two so much, but, oh well, this wasn't particularly poignant. Really, just a few adjustments and it would've been perfect. Alas, it's decent & who knows if I'll come around to it eventually.

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