Midsommar ★★½

I am going to make a comparison to Suspiria (2018) in this review below, so this will likely have spoilers for both films. But, let me give a quick spoiler-free summary fot those who haven't seen any of the films - this modern wave of horror films (these two in particular) are movies that I appreciate the effort put into them, and all its technical aspects, but they just aren't for me. It's fine if you love them, I think they're fine, but in my point of view they just go too far sometimes.

Ok, spoilers incoming:

Those two films are very similar.

1. They both have very stylish cinematography, settings, and a strong directing.
2. They are both about a weird ass cult.
3. At the end of both, the main character joins the cult.
4. They both have weird dancing and full frontal nudity.
5. They're both really long, despite not being boring.
6. They are both filled with vague symbolism that you need to dig a little to understand.

Thematically, they are significantly different, but their overall quality is basically the same in my opinion. I still like Suspiria a bit more because this wasn't scary at all, and was only disturbing at certain points. It wasn't really unsettling, but that might be just me.

My point here, as I have stated, is that they are just not movies for my taste. I just can't agree with all the praise they get. I'm sorry if that offends you by any means, because I know there are a lot of huge fans of this new horror style, and don't get me wrong, I liked these movies a LOT more than other generic horror films; but it is still a genre that I think keeps repeating itself. And when it is actually trying to impress the audience with something new, they end up doing things like burning a guy inside a bear alive so you would be like "wow that's so creepy!". I just prefer a simpler, more "visceral" (in a way), story like The Lighthouse or The Shining. That's what I think my ideal horror film is, a haunting little tale about madness and stuff like that.

But I totally respect films like Midsommar, and I really like that at least they try to be something different. It just isn't for me.

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